Liberty Polygraph offers a wide range of professional examinations and works with each client to deliver impartial, reliable and confidential services.
- Pre-Employment Exams -
We offer pre-employment exams for law enforcement, fire service, armored transport, government contractors, or any professional position that requires integrity and confidentiality with privileged information.  Pre-employment exams offer Employers accurate results into whether an applicant is fully disclosing past personal and employment history.  Exam results assist employers to determine an applicants suitability for the position. 

Pre-Employment Exams

  • Law Enforcement

  • Fire Service

  • Dispatchers

  • Records Personnel

  • Probation & Parole

  • Government Employees and Contractors

  • Private Security                                                        

- Civil or Criminal Exams -

Whether you are an attorney, a law enforcement investigator, or a private party looking to assess another's credibility, a polygraph exam is a superior investigative tool to assist in determining someone's truthfulness.  Exam results can benefit those looking to preserve their custody rights in family court matters, clear someone wrongfully accused of a criminal act, or help to resolve employer accusations, provided all aspects of the Employee Polygraph Protection Act are followed.  

Civil or Criminal Exams

  • Attorney Pre-trial

  • Domestic Abuse

  • Elder Abuse

  • Allegations affecting child custody

  •  Serious criminal allegations, including murder, rape, robbery, assault

  • Child abuse

  • Theft

  •  Fraud or Embezzlement

  • In-custody exams

 - Private Party or Relationship -

If you've been accused of something, such as drug use, or being unfaithful to your significant other and want to clear your name, taking a polygraph examination offers your accuser scientific validity to your innocence.  

Private Party and Relationship Exams

  • Money issues or hidden assets

  • Infidelity allegations

  • Continued cheating

  • Drug use

  • Sexual misconduct

 - Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing -
We offer maintenance, monitoring, sexual history and instant offense exams following guide lines set forth by the State of California Sex Offender Management Board.  

Post-Conviction Sex Offender Testing

  • Maintenance Exams

  • Monitoring Exams

  • Sexual History Exams

  • Parole and Probation violation accusations

Exam fees vary based on the type of exam requested. 

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